@vasta It was! Made by a friend’s Spanish grandmother in an Extremadura countryside cottage. 😁

@jack Let me pull out my usb floppy drive for ya!

@vasta Yum!

@simonwoods Yay! 🎉🐶🎉

@bix Probably Law and Order, which stole it from reality. That’s procedural television’s “Circle of Life”! 🙃

@bix It looks like the big difference is Indiebound let’s individual bookshops sell through their own e-commerce site instead of just getting a portion of the sale that they make? In the former one would be the independent bookstore’s customer, while in the later you are Bookshop.com’s?

If that’s the case, I’d gravitate towards Indiebound; I like having a direct relationship with my local shops. Also, that difference might make Indiebound’s affiliate program more complicated? //@bradenslen

@bix They hated “That Man in the Whitehouse”!

@hutaffe But were they candy underpants? 😁

@jemostrom Well done on raising him! 😃

@jemostrom Such a hard working kitty!

@twweaver Looks like someone had a long day of lounging. 😺

@DaveWood Ha! 🤣

@DiplomaticDiva I love the vibrancy of your colors in this one. :)

@Burk Takes me back to childhood! I loved reading my family’s World Book! 🤓

@simonwoods Hmmmmm, we could call that service by the antique term, “Research Librarian”, and have the “Government”* “pay”** them to help the “public”.

* Another term from the misty past.

** It’s like giving a corporation access to your soul except you get to keep your soul and just give an actual human being cash instead.

@puppyrey What a fella! 💛🐶💛

@odd What a sweet face! 🐶

@jemostrom Similar, except it’s not directly behind the subject—rather it is offset to the right or the left. The highlight is as well, which adds some more dynamism than straight back light (hence “kicker”).

I don’t know much terminology for photographic lighting. My training is in theatrical/live performance. More than happy to answer questions and give advice though. 🤓💡

@jemostrom Who’s the photo bomber? 😄

@sarcassem Is he a flerken? No terrestrial cat would stray so far from the platonic ideal of relaxation! 😹

@jemostrom Also, those portraits are lovely. :)

@jemostrom Have you tried using a kicker (what they call a high back diagonal in tv-land)? It would add some more dimensionality and separation from the background (if you were interested in something busier than a white cyc).

@BestofTimes What exactly about your tastes have changed? It’s been about 8 years since I read it last. :)

@toddgrotenhuis “This indeed is the main thing, to witness salvation wrought out in the heart; to witness the eternal power and arm of the Lord laying hold on the soul to save it; and not only laying hold on it to save it, but to witness the working out and the effecting of the salvation...” - Isaac Penington

@hollyhoneychurch I will dedicate a sundae to your sacrifice! 🍨