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@twweaver Brain Trust: “The issue is that you are wasting time cooking for the humans in the household.” 🐶

@ReaderJohn While I am not directly involved with BLM, I have spent time in some African American communities and seen the effects of missing fathers first hand. I was partially raised by an African American nanny and when I go to visit her, she always has folks from the neighborhood calling her mom and grandma. Making space for ad hoc families are definitely a thing.

Have you looked into whether there are any BLM chapters near you? It might be worth talking to some people directly involved to get a better sense of the movement?

I'm also happy to answer questions and keep discussing things if you'd like. //@JMaxb

@arush What kind? 🍻

@twweaver Has the brain trust weighed in? Did they recommend learning how to cook gormet meals for canines?

@yorrike You’re going to have a difficult time balancing the action on this one. 😁

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@hollyhoneychurch Yep, I’m pretty happy with the do. I’d like the option to wear it down or cut it shorter though.

On the other hand, my stylist* is down in the city and I don’t know when I’ll be getting back there.

* I go to a salon that specializes in curly hair. 😁

@ReaderJohn Huh, to me that reads as quite congruent with conservative Christian critiques of secular cultures. That we are too atomistic today; that our families need to be embedded within communities of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, fellow church members*, etc.

This critique also reflects the problem of over incarceration of Black fathers. If society and government consider nuclear families the norm, a lot of African American families are left out.

This includes things like childcare licensing rules—often it's a community "aunt" or "grandmother" who takes care of small children from many families to whom they are not related. If local governments don't structure regulation of childcare with that in mind, it can be very disruptive to African American communities. (I believe this issue effects white evangelical communities as well?)

It's not so much a desire to abolish the "Western-proscribed nuclear family structure" ** as it is a demand that other families structures are lifted up too. In the same way "Black Lives Matter" doesn't mean that white people's lives don't.

Does that make sense? //@JMaxb

* Churches continue to be central to many African American communities and even in less religious ones many of the traditions carry over.

** I can completely understand how this sort of "woke jargon" can come across as an attack though.

@JMaxB The movement is pretty decentralized, but I'm assuming your talking about the national/international coordinating group. Their list of beliefs are here and I don't see any that claim that the only value this country was founded on was white supremacy.

What is true is that pretty much the entire white founding generation were white supremacists because that's pretty much all white people the world over believed at the time. Even most abolitionists never believed that African Americans were equal. That was certainly true in my faith tradition and we continue to struggle with that heritage.

One of the movement's points is that we can't deal with that legacy until we truly face it and own up to it. Think of how Germany is covered with plaques and markers about the Holocaust.

If you have a specific manifesto in mind, please share. I'd definitely like to look at it.

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@bradenslen I’ve been listening to the You’re Wrong About podcast and now the first Kato that jumps to mind is Kaelin. 🤯

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@Stevsmit I’m very glad how easy @manton has made adding descriptions to photos. //@Stevesawczyn

@JMaxB From what I’ve read the damage to the Cervantes statue (and to a smaller extent Grant’s) was a combination of over enthusiasm and a lack of Confederate/colonial statues in the city. I certainly haven’t heard anyone justify it. //@ayjay

@mandaris I think the couple weeks delay of WWDC may have given everyone a bit more time to tighten things down. I wonder if they’ll keep the same schedule next year, even if it’s possible to hold it in San Jose again?

@JMaxB What tensions do you see? The message of Black Lives Matter is that Black lives should matter in America along with everyone else’s. Which seems in harmony with Hughes’s themes. (Also, why the ®️?)

@JMaxB I’ve been slowly working on a friend/assistant in the other direction. She cracked last year when she bought an iPad (there are no OSC light board apps on Android). This week she’s borrowed her boyfriend’s MacBook Pro for a programming class. Soon she’ll join the sheeple. 🤪 //@gpittman

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