@manton New York Magazine has a good article on where we are re: boosters, etc.

@manton Your discussion this week reminded me of a friend’s saying:

Perfect is pretty, but done is beautiful.

@Omrrc I’m a big fan of Hover. Simple interface and no upselling.

@skoobz Kansas City, but the snow is upstate. KC was in the 60°s (global warming much?).

@amit I resemble this remark! //@burk

@jean 🤯

@manton Yay for long train rides! I’m taking the train from NYC to Kansas City for thanksgiving. :)

@jthingelstad Oooooooooo, yum!

@dancohen Amazing to realize that my watch has far higher specs than that Power Mac.

@jean Oh dear. 💙💙💙

@jean Some ideas for Grace and Ada as Halloween approaches?

@Cheri What If… is a lot of fun as well. :)

@jean Happiest of birthdays! 🎉🎉🎉

@herself Do you encounter any sync errors? 😸

@Cheri Amazing!

We may therefore understand that a borb, like any other birb, is. A floof does.

@frostedechoes Things were rough for a long while (for the pandemic and other reasons), but the last several months have been better. Thanks for thinking of me! :)

@splinter Sorry for taking so long to reply. It’s Kitty’s Cafe, right across the street from the Amtrak station in Hudson, NY.

@Burk Rawking. 🎸

@mandaris How could you refuse that face anything?! 💛🐶💛

@Burk Does it require it’s app to run? I noticed it works with cameras as well and I’m always on the lookout for cheaper options than the BlackMagic Recorder for live performance.

@yorrike When I found out FFVII was coming out for the PlayStation, I felt betrayed!

@patrickrhone Put down that supercollider before you hurt someone! :p

@purisubzi My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a dramedy (so maybe a bit heavy), but, if you enjoy musicals, it’s amazing!

@mandaris The risks we take for greatness! 🤪

@jean Bernadette Banner. Her analysis of period costuming in films is especially charming and informative!