Just saw the Indigo Girls in concert at Central Park. So awesome! 🎸

Nice day at the Coney Island Cyclones! Plus a ride on the actual Cyclone.

Debugging some Arduino code to make wirelessly controlled light tables work correctly. Wish me luck!

Making a show with a decent number of days for tech and decent hours on those days is so refreshing.

Just voted! 🗽

🍻 Didn’t snap a photo, but had the following beer from Second District Brewing earlier tonight:

Bicyle Tour Dry hopped mix fermentation sour ale brewed entirely with Sabro. Bursting with ripe notes of pink Starburst, fragrant Meyer lemon, wild grown passionfruit, and beachside sunsets with a coconut concoction in hand.

Truly tasted like Starbursts (in a good way!)

Watching Dr. Strangelove last night was a good call.

Ugh, the iOS-ification is fugly too. 🥴 //@patrickrhone

Just got a call back from the office of the Manhattan Borough President. The woman I talked to didn’t know about Camden, so, who knows, maybe I made a tiny difference.

.@joshua I’ve taken the liberty to present Apple’s probable response to your supplication.

Shopping cart from Apple.com with a Mac Pro speced to the max. Costing $49,199.

I’ve cobbled together a response to the “few bad apples” argument: “It’s hard to be a good apple in a rotten orchard.”

Fifty people showed up for a protest in Stockbridge, MA last night. We might be winning this. 🙏

Last time there was a curfew in NYC: 1943, to stop protests after a white police officer shot a black soldier.

Police forced protesters off the sidewalks and then threatened them with arrest for being in the roadway.

With little warning, officers in riot gear doused the crowd with pepper spray and detained dozens of people, seemingly at random.

A police riot in New York last night.

Well, looks like the PA Republican Party finally did it—bipartisanship died today*.

But what’s a little failing to inform colleagues who may have been exposed to COVID between friends, right?

* Video contains (appropriately) strong language.

Upgrading to Mojave—living on the well-worn and smooth edge!

Reading how vigorous indoor speaking is one of the most effective ways of transmitting the virus has done a real doozy with my phobia about unintentionally hurting people by speaking. Went mute in therapy today and wondering how intense my brain is going to get on this one. 😬

Listening to the Ezra Klein podcast and he may have just said he wrote his book in Pages! 🤯

Day 5.1 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬:

Go straight to hell with your rebel yell
We are the boys of Maine!

- From Ballad of the 20th Maine, by The Ghost of Paul Revere.

Day 5 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬:

Just think for a minute about the breathtaking reversal of logic required to make that leap. You don’t fit my predictions, so rather than revise my predictions or expectations based on your behaviors, I will revise you to fit my expectations of how you should behave.

- From Brecht Forensics, Written & Directed by Kathryn Karaoglu Hamilton

What is this obsession with “thanking” New Yorkers by buzzing the city with planes?! I know what will lift the spirits of a city in the middle of a pandemic—a reminder of another day of mass death!

NSFW: Day 4 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬

Day 4 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬:

If you’re not sure it’s not rape, don’t do it!
If it feels a little bit rapey just don’t do it!
Yeah if you’re not sure that it ain’t, then
leave your dick right next to your taint
yeah if you’re not sure it’s not rape then
just don’t do it!

- “For the Guys” from Vagenius by Rachel Lark.

Day 3 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬:

The bloodless gash between her legs
had already marked her harlot
and her grandmother mounted 18 years
earlier by an overseer was weaving
her Moses basket in the reeds of her words
“If you don’t take this child Magdalene
I will throw it in Two Head River”

Day 2 of Quotations Micro Sprint 💬:

…ask any imperialist. It’s best to speak softly and carry a small stick that makes people’s bones explode.

From The Ruin of Angels by Max Gladstone

Billions has some serious sucker punches:

I’m glad it works for you. But for us, it’s a deal breaker.

– Charles Rhoades to Wendy Rhoades, end of S2E6. 💬