For any NYers or Democrats out there support Blake Morris! He’s running against Simcha Felder in the primary. Felder is a “Democrat” who caucuses with the Republicans and gives them control of the State Senate.

I might have supported plastic straw bans in the past, but now with my jaw wired shut, I realize how important they are for people who have trouble drinking.

I somehow lost the reply, but someone had a suggestion for a read-it-later app that just pulled read-it-later bookmarks from pinboard. As a replacement for Instapaper, Pocket, etc. Anyone else remember, know of one? Thanks!

I’ll be in the City this weekend and free Friday night and Saturday. If anyone in interested in getting together, text my cell. 🙂

I have broken down and bought the Kindle edition. But they couldn’t actually make the footnotes into links!? I can set bookmarks, but talk about ignoring digital advantages. 😔📚

Have to dive in to make one comment: Reading By Genes Alone and Evolutionary Psychology is mentioned. A response to their claim that culture isn’t important: Haven’t any of them read Thomas Kuhn FFS?! 📚

I’ve been convinced to take a break from our crazy world. An Internet fast through Monday for me. See all you good folks next week. 🙃

I wonder if I should pull back from the news for my own health. I want to be part of the fight. But I ended up sleeping for 24 hours out of 26 yesterday. 😕

Anyone know if this would work? If all the Democrats fled to Toronto, would McConnell fly McCain in, on his hospital bed and all? If it would work, Schumer better do it. Pay McConnell back for the Garland bullshit. No more niceties or civility. Fuck ‘em.

So, I think I’ve cracked the Supreme Court Problem. First we get a drawf to craft a gauntlet. Then we hunt down the six Infinity Stones. And Victory! Schumer snaps his fingers and half the Senate GOP caucus disappears. 🤔

No offense, I love book, tech, microblogging technique talk. Everyone’s photos are awesome. But do people have any opinions about what just happened?

It doesn’t have to be the sole topic of conversation. Just surprised that it has barely come up at all.

And if you’re hoping the Democrats in the Senate can do anything, they have no legal method to stop this. McConnell abolished the filibuster and has the majority. Whomever is nominated will get confirmed.

Only hope of blocking it: huge unending protests. Maybe a National Strike.

Depending on how partisan the Court Republicans are, they could completely prevent a Dem President and Congress from enacting their agenda. Calls for court packing will increase. It may not be as large as I fear, but there’s a possibility for the fed gov to totally fall apart.

Hell, this is alarmist, but if we lose Ginsberg, I can imagine Lockner becoming good law again. Goodbye any legal work protections. Contracts reign supreme! Employer doesn’t want to give you a lunch break? Workmen’s Comp? Good luck negotiating those 1-on-1.

If you care about reproductive freedom or LGBTQ rights, the best case scenario is that they’ll exist only in name within a decade. There’s a decent chance that half the country will explicitly ban abortion and “religious freedom” invalidate any protections for sexual minorities.

I know I’m more political than most m.b users, but barely any discussion of Kennedy?

Even if you’re far right and happy, his retirement is going drastically change the course of the United States.

It might be as or more influential than Trump getting elected in the first place.

Sorry to repeat myself, but we are so very, very, very fucked. Fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked. 🤢

Fuck you very much, Anthony. Goodbye reproductive and LGBT+ rights. Hello decades of Corpro-Christianist Fascism.

Am I weird for choosing my reading highlight colors for aesthetic reasons? 🖌

Started Not By Genes Alone. So far a lot of good stuff about the interplay of nature and nurture, genes and culture. 📚