On GDPR Day, this list of shame is marvelous!

Inspired by @morrick’s return to the original iPad, I’m in the process of archiving all my ipas in case I ever decide to return to the 32-bit age. Last year, I actually bought an iPod Touch running iOS 10 to retain access to a lighting calculator app that had gone off the store:

I was “wondering” why Safari was running slow on my 2015 MacBook. For some reason, it had trouble with my having just a few1 tabs open.

  1. For values of “few” that include 110. 

.@wilsongis @manton, correct me if I’m wrong, but photos aren’t supported in replies yet?

Are you using a stand alone vault or a subscription vault? Stand alone vaults don’t seem to support documents in the same way.

Hmmm, DiskWarrior still can’t rebuild APFS disks. Maybe I’ll just upgrade to Sierra?

Anyone know any alternatives?

Listening to Upgrade 194 and Jason laughs about having an hour for lunch. Having worked in union or union-influenced houses, this makes no sense to me. The US is obsessed with work to an unhealthy degree. Lack of downtime is bad for you.

Oh, and none of my links are affiliate links. Just posting apps that are interesting to me; not making any money off them.

And one can see why I like Rosco’s CTB to Lee’s. ;)

Gel Swatch Library’s recent updates are pretty cool. It’s not a true substitute for an instrument and the gels, but pretty swanky if you are on the go. :)

Sorry for the sucky photo. Pretty hard to aim the iPhone camera and grab a screenshot at the same time.

More Upgrade Indecision

And @danielpunkass’s MarsEdit 4 might get me to upgrade from El Cap. Spent about 5 hours last night with AppleScript to get it to upload bookmarks from pinboard.in. But there were some beta bugs I just couldn’t work around. I can use curl instead, but MarsEsit would do a lot of the encoding for me. And could send posts to my WordPress blog if I decide to change things up.
If only the bugs in Sierra and High Sierra weren’t so worrisome.

A virtual light lab app! This might actually get me to upgrade to iOS 11. So incredibly cool!

Speaking of mechanical keyboards, I can’t give up the proper Apple layout. Especially the number pad. So only Matias for me!
Not that I mind too much: the Tactile Pro is lovely. But I can’t indulge in a switch fetish! And I sorely miss backlighting.

Going to this concert on Saturday. MassMoCA is such an awesome place!

Heart stopped for a moment. I recklessly installed a security update without cloning first. Of course my Mac got stuck in the rebooting process. Luckily a hard restart fixed the problem and I didn’t lose all of the afternoons work. Whew.

Very happy with my new profile picture. I uploaded the shark when gravatars were the only option (and I didn’t want to spray my face across the entire web). After some laziness, I get to look like myself again.

*Oh so pretty…*

Loving being back in the city for a day, but, man, does walking in the rain in NYC suck!

.@Aleen :)

Pretty simple flowchart.

Wish I could try Icro, but I have heard bad things about iOS 11 on the iPhone 6. :(

The spectacular power of Big Lens

The lenses in my glasses – and yours too, most likely – are made by Essilor, a French multinational that controls almost half of the world’s prescription lens business and has acquired more than 250 other companies in the past 20 years.

I just don’t see how gobbling up 250 companies can be a good thing.

There is a good chance, meanwhile, that your frames are made by Luxottica, an Italian company with an unparalleled combination of factories, designer labels and retail outlets. Luxottica pioneered the use of luxury brands in the optical business, and one of the many powerful functions of names such as Ray-Ban (which is owned by Luxottica) or Vogue (which is owned by Luxottica) or Prada (whose glasses are made by Luxottica) or Oliver Peoples (which is owned by Luxottica) or high-street outlets such as LensCrafters, the largest optical retailer in the US (which is owned by Luxottica), or John Lewis Opticians in the UK (which is run by Luxottica), or Sunglass Hut (which is owned by Luxottica) is to make the marketplace feel more varied than it actually is.

At least Fabulous Fanny’s is not owned by them.