Well, seems like I can speak again. What a weird day.

So I've gone mute and it's super weird.

So human brains are constantly surprising. I had a massive shift during therapy today and a side effect is I have gone physically mute. Like, my vocal cords don’t work.

It’s only be about 6 hours and I’ve started to be able to make grunts, so I’m not particularly worried. But the combo of brain plasticity and psychosomatic symptoms is bizarre.

And thank goodness for Quakerism. Plenty of experience practicing day long silence. :)

@johnphilpin Any thoughts about what’s happening in Venezuela?

Winer really should stop talking about privilege. How much did a computer cost in 1997? Might having to go to a public library* to use one be a hurdle? Even if one wants to ignore the way race is inescapable in the US, wealth is also a form of privilege.

* If your town’s had one.

Booked my ticket from Albany to LA. I’ll end up with enough points to get super elite status. 🙃

Which semi-ironically gets me free access to United lounges when I fly.

So am I completely bonkers for considering taking a train to LA for a gig instead of flying out? Carbon emissions and all.

I’ve been using the Luna dongle and my 12.9” iPad as a second monitor while drafting this week. So useful. I haven’t noticed even a bit of lag (I’m connected via a cord as I’m on an institutional WiFi network, so not sure how snappy wireless would be). 🖋💻

Drafting Time! And you know what that means: late aughts girl pop! 🎤

Do you know what I don’t want Gas Station TV? “A new and exciting experience every time I pump.” How ‘bout some peace and quiet instead. 🙄

Speaking of British politics, @johnphilpin, I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of these headlines in The Guardian.

Après nous*, le déluge

* Who would have guessed that Madame de Pompadour predicted May & Corbyn’s negotiations?

So is May’s offer to Corbyn actually a strategy to get Labour to emulate the Tories’ disintegration as a functional party?

Parchment paper: good for baking and for lighting trolly tunnels! 💡🎻

Tala Manassah​​ speaks Truth:

25 years ago today, an Israeli Jew entered the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and murdered 29 praying Palestinians. Today, the Kahanist terrorist movement he was a part of— formally the “Jewish Power” party— a bunch of fascist pigs, are joining the Israeli government at the invitation of the PM. Tell me, liberal Zionist friends, so called peaceniks, people who believe in the fantasy of a state that is both Jewish and democratic: what should we Palestinians do in the face of all this? What is the appropriate reaction of those whose slow annihilation is ongoing and whose total extermination is imminent?

Which one is not like the other ones?

The Visionary Leadership Award honors a leader whose trailblazing work is impacting the world.

This year’s theme, Consciousness Rising was chosen to emphasize the importance of upholding intersectionality in our continued pursuits for inclusion, equity and justice.

Bari Weiss

The podcast has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Wired, Mother Jones, NPR, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Forbes.

Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me is the first major film documentary to examine Davis’ vast talent and his journey for identity through the shifting tides of civil rights and racial progress during 20th-century America.

Experience First, Picture Second

Narrated by Liam Neeson and with musical score by Bill Whelan, the film includes interviews with President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, US Senators and Congressmen, as well as Irish leaders and British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major.

Their first work was about a person who was part cardboard box….Housekeepers become their tools of labour with arms replaced by leather brushes. Humans, jellyfish and bacteria unite in a single organism on a petridish stage.

contributing editor, the london review of books

cnn political analyst, co-chair of the times up legal defense fund

In this talk, Louisa Lim examines the ways in which the legacy of Tiananmen has been excised from the collective and institutional memory in today’s China, as well as looking at the cost of memory and the role that foreign correspondents play in shaping memories of June Fourth outside China.

Come see Yalies get confused by a chicken on March 29th!

Go MarsEdit! Though the crop is slightly off on my iPhone 8 (lower left corner). /@danielpunkass

So I just turned down a crazy-fun experimental workshop with Glenn Kotche (Wilco’s drummer), Jon Hamm, and Danielle Agami (an amazing choreographer). Why do all the shows have to happen at the same time?

Yay! Got a line on a chicken for Yale.

(Brought to you by a journalism fellowship that confused a performance with a chicken and paintball for Ross Douthat)

You know what: instead of talking to my romantic partner, I’m going to get a pair of buttons to tell them when I’m horny. That way I get to avoid the horror of human communication.

Next up: Turrell’s Perfectly Clear, 1991.

Also, there’s something wonderful about an art piece you really can’t photograph. (Hind Sight is a dark room with maybe a single fixture of maybe 5 lumens).

Being a Quaker Lighting Designer, my choice is probably overdetermined. 🙃

Finally got to see James Turrell’s Hind Sight, 1984 at MassMoCA. Wonderful, but 15 minutes is not enough. So I’ve booked all eight slots between noon and 1p on Monday. 😁 🙈

Did Apple really shut down Facebook’s ability to issue internal builds along with its spyware? If so, anyone think that’s a big enough bloody nose?

Pelosi has proved her supporters right: she’s a great caucus leader and Speaker.