What more should Warren do?

The letter only asks for Warren to make those three statements. It doesn’t mention any actions she could take.

On the other hand, she has done work in the Senate and has published a comprehensive plan to address real world issues affecting Native communities.

Her plan includes:

  • A permanent Cabinet position for Native American Affairs.
  • A separate office at the OMB specifically focused on making sure the budget process adheres to treaty responsibilities and consulting with tribes throughout the process.
  • Requiring all Cabinet Agencies have tribal advisory committees.
  • $5 billion dollars dedicated specifically to Tribal Nations expanding broadband access.
  • Creating Native Community Development Finance Institutions to compensate for discrimination by the big banks.
  • Along with longer term health care reforms, making full funding for the Indian Health Service a mandatory entitlement.

A few things she done as a Senator:

  • She has pushed legislation and joined amicus briefs to defend against the conservative judicial push to define Native Americans are a racial group and not a political one. There are current cases in the pipeline that could rule the ICWA unconditional.
  • She’s the lead cosponsor on legislation addressing the crisis of MMIGW. She’s the only candidate who supports legislative to fix Oliphant and guarantee Tribal Nations the authority to try non-Native defendants for crimes committed on tribal land.
  • She’s led the push to revoke the Medals of Honor granted for the Wounded Knee Massacre.
  • She’s s cosponsor of the Native American Voting Rights Act.
  • She’s cosponsoring legislation to fix Carcieri v. Salazar, which places limits on tribal communal land ownership.

So what more do you propose Warren do? Or should the national media cover the story every time any informal group of Native Americans call Warren out?