I rarely plug apps, but I wanted to say that iMazing is excellent*. Makes full backups of any iOS device and gives quite extensive access to everything. Plus, they’ve figured out how to make those backups incremental, saving quite a bit of space (I have a 256GB iPhone and 128GB iPad). After Apple disabled direct ipa backups, they even added a method to download them directly from the App Store**. Which makes restoring so much faster as all my apps don’t have to be re-downloaded a la Apple’s iCloud backups.

The one downside is that a license only covers a single computer (though they do sell 2 and 5 license version for a significant discount).

Highly recommended! 👍

Added at 6:45pm: I almost forget, it can also prevent iTunes and Photos from launching anytime an iOS device is plugged in. Such an annoyance saver!

* Disclosure, I recently added seats to my license and DigiDNA gave me a discount. (In fact, they gave me a larger discount than I was expecting since I had purchased the first two seats at a discount). Also, while they have a Windows version, I have not used it.

** You can only download the most recent version, but iMazing also keeps the previous downloaded versions. It’s a limitation on Apple’s side.