Two books added to the pile: 📚

Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing, by Jamie Holmes.

“If there’s any takeaway, it’s that we’re programmed to get rid of ambiguity, and yet if we engage with it we can make better decisions, we can be more creative, and we can even be a little more empathetic,” Holmes told Science of Us. -From The Bad Things That Happen When People Can’t Deal With Ambiguous Situations | Jessie Singal, NYMag

Enchanted America: How Intuition And Reason Divide Our Politics, by J. Eric Oliver and Thomas J. Wood

People’s beliefs — particularly their most emotionally charged, politicized beliefs — don’t come from a place of cold empirical logic. Something else is going on, and the complexity of that something else has stalled experts’ attempts to help people understand the world in a more accurate, less conspiracy-addled way. -From Can a New Book on ‘Intuitionism’ Explain America’s Political Crisis? | Jessie Singal, NYMag