So this happened. For the sake of argument, let’s concede that it’s doxing. Doxing is a truly terrible thing to do; it can make a person’s life hell. There can be almost no justification for it.

So, let’s set a really high bar. I’d suggest that person being doxed has to be committing a crime that could have conceivably been prosecuted at the Nuremberg trials. In other words, not only does the person have to be a fascist, but they must also be choosing to enable or commit a crime against humanity. Only then can their name be made public for harassment. They should still be protected by the law. Death threats, physical violence, etc are still illegal. But cursing their name as they walk past, spitting in their footsteps, shaming them out of restaurants. That’s all fair game.

I think “just following orders” to take young children from their parents and throw them into cages meets this standard.