Re: Why M.b with @renevanbelzen & @grayareas:

I’m not a programmer either, though I do support open standards as a way of ensuring what we create online actually last.

I like the community here and it’s definitely growing beyond “just” tech folk. In addition to the fun banter, I’ve had thought provoking discussions, of all things! And, like @grayareas, I like that my writing sits on sites I own. As long as I’m paying for the hosting and doing backups, I won’t lose it.1

Plus, I am a markdown nerd. I even requested footnote support in my email client.

Also, if you don’t want to crosspost to twitter and have a WordPress blog, M.b is free.

  1. Knocking on every wooden surface in sight; spinning around three times; spitting over my shoulder. 🤞 [return]