Politics and Mindfulness with @ablaze:

I read your post as saying that many of our political conflicts are minor and tribal. I think that actually very few of our conflicts are. It’s important to acknowledge that our two political parties have pretty extreme differences, like, say, actually doing something, anything about catastrophic climate change.

I think people should be enraged over the current political environment. Over global warming, over separating refugee families, over the assault on voting rights, over the systematic injustices of our criminal justice system, over #metoo.

Mindfulness is an important part of balancing that rage, of not burning out or letting it become destructive. But anger and rage have been behind all of our movements towards a more perfect union.

Pushing back against affronts against “small-scale identities” is an essential part of these struggles too. It is an important human need to be recognized as equal. To not sit in the back of the bus, to be able to vote, to not risk arrest by going to a bar, to use the bathroom of your gender. Those fights can’t be separated from the greater threats.

Or, as Rachel Lark sings in Free The Nipple:

Oh no, look at me, I’m dismissing other women who are working towards equality.

The “little” fight to replace laws against women going bare chested in public is part of the bigger fight for full gender equality.