More on phones and dollars with @nitinkhanna.

Nitin Khanna reminded me of how costs add up for families especially with LTE Apple Watches. As a late 30s single with a lean to old style devices, I figured I count out mine:


  • iPhone 6.
  • iPad Pro 12.9” (1st Gen). I also splurged on a Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Would have been smarter to refrain.
  • iPad 3. This sorta doesn’t count as I semi-donated it to work as an iRFR. While I still own it, it doesn’t live with me.


(Everything is still running El Cap. It’s still OS X, at least for the next few weeks).

  • Mac Pro, 2013. With all sorts of stuff attached:
    • 13” Cintq Monitor.
    • 4K Dell Moniter.
    • Two Drobo 5n.
    • Schitt USB Audio Interface.
    • Two JBL Studio Monitors & SBS Subwoofer.
    • Epson Photo Printer.
    • HP B/W Laser Printer.
    • A collection of external hard drives.
    • A Matias Tactile Pro. (The only mechanical keyboard I could find with an Apple style numeric keypad).

I clearly need all that for work. 🙃

  • MacBook Pro, 2010. (I do plan to sell this one).
  • MacBook Pro, 2015 (Bought Used, Spring 2018).
  • MacBook 2015.
  • Mac Mini (Whichever the last 4-core version was. Rented from Mac Stadium with a grandfathered deal from MacMini Colo).

I think Macs may be my weakness.

(Given the costs of software needed for lighting design, I’m going to remain in denial and not list those).