I find the liberal freak out over the Presidential Alerts to be a bit like the right’s freak out over Jade Helm: there’s a far simpler explaination for what’s happening.

The system of which the new alert is a part was created by legislation back in 2006. The government has just been very slow implementing the unblockable alerts. The actual big deal is the system didn’t work. I and a whole bunch of other people didn’t get the text. If a Democrat were President, Fox News would be having a hay day with it.

There are just so many more effective ways for Trump to do what we all fear. A State of Emergency crackdown would be more effective if he tells the cops, National Guard, and military before the rest of us find out. Our notice will be the authorities setting up checkpoints, instituting curfews, and rounding us up.

As for campaigning, Fox News and Twitter are far better tools for reaching his base. Why risk motivating Democratic voters by pissing us all off with an unblockable text?

This system is for an imminent disaster when it makes sense to reach as many people as possible. If a tsunami is on its way to Seattle, we don’t want some people to not get the message because they opted out of receiving alerts.

Occam’s Razor.