Book Recommedations for @GR36:

The following are mostly SF as that’s what I’ve been reading recently. The Broken Earth trilogy by NK Jemisin is intense and brilliant. The Craft books by Max Gladstone aren’t as intense, but create a compelling world with a lot of resonance to our own. The Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie is a great exploration of AI and identity. LA Confidential by James Elroy is a fever dream of the Los Angeles crime world in the 1950s. The Fall of Ile-Rein by Martha Welles is an awesome retelling of the First World War if there were multiple dimensions and magic. Consider Phlebas by Iain Banks. Very different from the rest of The Culture novels and Banks keeps upping the game. If you’re up for a web serial that will consume your life Worm redefines the Godzilla Threshold so many times by the end, your head will be spinning. A word of warning, it’s over 1,500,000 words and gripping: a black hole to consume all your reading time. 📚