Beyond Comprehension

I can’t comprehend our country right now.

We have done and continue to do horrible things. The carceral state. The joke of a healthcare system. The militarization of the police. Systematic and institutional racism. The unending War on Terror. Torture. A social safety net with more holes than net. The pay gap. The assault on reproductive rights. A President proud of his misogyny. Fucking Nazis marching. I could go on and on.

But I can see how people could turn a blind eye to all of this. It’s a profound failing, but opening one’s eyes to the ugly is hard.

I could even understand supporting immediately deporting asylum seekers with their children. It would be evil and illegal. But there are people whose empathy does not extend to those unlike themselves.

Hell, I could comprehend people ignoring the reporting of the atrocities at the border. “It’s just more lies from the Liberal Media.” Those people would be depraved, but their horrific thinking is in the realm of understanding.

What I simply cannot comprehend, cannot understand, cannot fathom is looking at photos of children in cages, listening to recordings of children crying and supporting it. Of using that suffering as leverage. It goes against pure human instinct to care for and protect the young. How does one turn one’s eyes away? Close one’s ears?

This is the simplest and clearest and most blatant moral dilemma in my lifetime. How can my country, my fellow citizens, my government be failing it?