Artists and Facebook with @simonwoods:

Most of my friends have websites; though once one’s name is big enough, no one looks at them. Chris’s site (the Christopher Lee artist) seems to not have been updated since 2015; he’s doing fine. At this point, Young Jean’s site is probably mostly used for getting her agents’ names.

If one’s work primarily exists in the physical world and one make most of one’s money from performing or the like, reputation and networking are more important than an independent place on the web. Facebook connects both with friends and keeps one in the mind of some directors/producers/etc.

I do understand your point; it just doesn’t apply that much to the people in my life.

Edit: I haven’t worked much for a while, but when I do restart my career, social media (probably Facebook) will definitely be more important than my website. The latter basically exists for directors or producers to look at and see that I have enough of an eye to a) design a decent looking website and b) pick exciting photos of my work. Those photos don’t really show my actual work as lighting happens over time and cameras see differently than human eyeballs. For a lighting designer, it’s impossible to display my wares. I pick pretty pictures than sell them by spinning a story. 🙃